Shipments from 6 euro pallets up to and including 25 euro pallets, or the equivalent, are taken care of by the LTL department within Transvenlo. The optimal fine tuning on each other of products, the method of loading, the method of packaging and the starting and final destination requiresspecialism. This specialism is characterised by logistic market knowledge, flexibility and innovation. Our freight forwarders meet these competencies. They know which transport companies are  specialised in the transport to and from particular European countries. In some situations the specialism even concerns a particular region in a particular European country. By making the right combinations and through the daily volume that Transvenlo allocates to transport companies, buying power arises which makes it possible for Transvenlo to offer competing tariffs to the clients. The use of advanced technological developments even makes it possible for us to offer live Tracking & Tracing for a lot of LTL shipments.


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