Groupage Europees Pallet Distributie

All shipments from 1 euro pallet up to and including 5 euro pallets, or the equivalent, belong to the category groupage within Transvenlo, which are transported from A to B through our European Pallet Distribution Network (EPDN).
The EPDN of Transvenlo covers Europe entirely. The structure of the networks are identical per country, and are characterized by a cooperation of autonomous, mostly family companies per country, which offer a network that covers a large area due to their geographical location and this makes their network one of the most renowned networks in that particular country. Because of this structure there is always a high degree of involvement with every individual member which is familiar with the local demands and habits. 
The distribution per country is best described as a ‘’HUB and spoke system’’. The networks per country create an alliance of networks within Europe.

This reduces the lead times, against tariffs that are conform the tariffs in the market. Through the use of advanced IT connections a quick accurate method of communicating is made possible in which the most recent status of shipments is always within reach.Working in this way has the positive side effect of reducing the paper documents that used to accompany the shipments. In this way Transvenlo has a positive influence on the environment through the use of her EPDN.

Transvenlo is shareholder of the English renowned pallet distribution network, Palletforce, the absolute number 1 in the U.K. This is confirmed over the past years by winning a couple of appealing prices. With pride we make a contribution to the slogan “work with the best”. In het U.K. alone we handle through the central HUB in Burton-upon-Trent, which covers an area of 38.000 square metres, an average of 15.000 pallets per night. This happens with a reliability of over 99 percent.


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