Full Truck Load

Full truck load

Shipments of 26 euro pallets or more, or the equivalent, get the full attention from the Full TruckLoads (FTL) department within Transvenlo. To minimize the amount of ‘’empty’’ kilometres it is important that the trucks can be loaded again somewhere close to the location where they just unloaded another shipment. Due to the relocations of a lot of production locations in Europe new flows of goods emerge constantly. Often bulk shipments are transported to a production location and in some cases they are also transported again from the production location to a regional distribution centre (DC). This can be done in different ways, however the most flexible and quickest possible way remains road transport.
Transvenlo has managed for years to keep going in this dynamic world and is constantly busy trying to find the right transport company for her clients. The use of advanced technological developments makes it possible for us to offer live Tracking & Tracing for a lot of LTL shipments.


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