‘Exercise is necessary,’ we hear all around us all the time. But usually we are not advised to exercise for a fit mind, but mainly for a fit and vital body. Because by exercising we burn fat, which is good against obesity. And less excess weight means less risk of all kinds of diseases of affluence, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Just as important as exercise is for the body, exercise is for a fit mind. Because with exercise, blood vessels dilate and the heart rate increases temporarily, allowing lots of blood to flow through the brain. Lots of blood means lots of oxygen and glucose (as a source of energy). This allows brain cells to perform optimally. Exercise for a fit and clear mind!

We believe that the scales should be balanced, which is why a few years ago we created the “project” Transvenlo Fit. Specifically, this means that all employees are provided with 4 extra hours of leave per month to use for a sporting activity. In 2022, we managed to increase the motivation to really get active even further by linking this to a fundraiser for a good cause. So you are not only moving for yourself, but also for your fellow man!  Curious about which charity we are sponsoring this year? Then keep a close eye on our news channels!




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