Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions

Conditions of Transvenlo

Our Additional Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements entered into by Transvenlo in addition to other applicable terms and regulations (all as stated below). In case of conflict between the Additional Conditions and other applicable conditions or regulations, the latter conditions and regulations prevail over these Additional Conditions.

All orders, including orders to carry out customs formalities and/or fiscal representation, shall only be accepted by us as orders to carry out forwarding activities to which only the Dutch Forwarding Conditions of the FENEX shall apply. Contracted storage and all related logistics services are exclusively subject to the FENEX Terms for Logistics Activities.

If and insofar as the transport is carried out by Transvenlo itself, the following treaties and regulations apply:

  • International transport of goods by road is governed by the CMR Convention and in addition, to the extent permitted by law, by the General Transport Conditions 2002 (AVC). Domestic transport is carried out under the applicability of the AVC;
  • Transport of goods by sea is governed by the Hague Visby Rules;
  • Carriage of goods by air is governed by the Montreal Convention;
  • Combined transport is governed by the relevant Dutch statutory regulations as contained in Articles 8:40 to 8:52 of the Dutch Civil Code.

The above terms and conditions shall always be subject to the most recent version, including the arbitration clauses in the Dutch Forwarding Conditions and in the FENEX Logistics Activities Conditions. The aforementioned terms and conditions shall be provided to the Client upon first request. These terms and conditions can also be downloaded, printed and saved via the buttons below.

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