Road transport


Road transport

Transvenlo aims to relieve you of all your logistical worries and offers transport solutions to and from all countries in Europe. Both complete loads (FTL), part loads (LTL) and groupage.

Whether you have a single shipment, a few pallets per week or several full truck loads per day, we are happy to discuss your needs. Due to our independent position and cooperation with a wide range of specialists, together with our partners we can almost always offer a suitable solution.


All groupage shipments approx. 1 to 5 Pallets, find their way to all European destinations via our European Pallet Distribution Network (EPDN) within very reliable transit times.

Part loads (LTL) + Full loads (FTL)

Loads from 6 to 33 Pallets are handled by Transvenlo’s LTL/FTL department. Our forwarders are characterized by logistics market knowledge and flexibility, mostly gained from years of logistics experience. They know which carriers are specialized in transporting to and from the various European regions and countries. It is all about our close cooperation with fixed partners in combination with the daily volumes we have transported that enables Transvenlo to offer very competitive rates in combination with capacity guarantees.

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