In today’s digital age, it is unthinkable not to be constantly looking for ways to improve communication and increase efficiency. By automating data transfer as much as possible, we aim to ensure that our employees can fully focus on managing your shipments and take even more care of you.

Through our online portal you can submit your shipments to us in an extremely simple manner (online Order Entry).  You can directly print your consignment bills and unique barcode labels, after which you can finally send the shipments on. Once you have sent the shipments, they will be visible in our TMS and our staff will immediately start working to ensure that the loads are delivered in accordance with the order. Fast, easy and efficient!

Once en route, we can provide you with automatic status updates in multiple ways if requested so you always know where your cargo is. Has the delivery and we have the digital proof of cargo on hand? Then it can be traced almost immediately via the Track & Trace module in our online portal that you automatically have access to if you use the Order Entry Module.

Of course, there are also various other options for passing on your shipments to us and/or receiving information back from us. We will gladly discuss your needs and requirements and together determine which solution best suits your needs. Whether in the form of an existing standard or in the form of a custom written EDI solution, there is always a solution available!

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