in logistics we is key

in logistics we is key

in logistics we is key


The specialist in  
European Pallet distribution 

Since the start in 1979 Transvenlo has been the perfect partner for many companies when it comes to pallet distribution within Europe. As much as 5 cross dock terminals in the Benelux form the pivot for the handling of thousands of pallet shipments to and from all European countries on a daily basis.

Transvenlo cooperates with strategic suppliers with regards to ‘’Less than truckload (LTL)’’ and ‘’Full truckload (FTL)’’ shipments. These suppliers are THE specialists within certain European countries or even within regions in a particular country.


De logistiek moet in deze tijd blijven rollen. Dat is van levensbelang. Daar hebben wij gezonde chauffeurs voor nodig. Weiger daarom deze helden niet de toegang tot het toilet of andere basishygiënevoorzieningen. Help elkaar waar nodig!

Momenteel veel hinder van Calais naar Dover via de tunnel. De wachttijd kan oplopen tot wel 7 uur. Vanaf Dover terug naar Frankrijk vooralsnog geen vertraging. @transvenlo will keep you posted #COVID19NL

Logistics can no longer ignore the Covid-19 virus. Transvenlo remains available to all our relations, both by email and by telephone (+31-77-3961960).
Preference is given to contact by email, because we expect to have to employ more home workers in the long term.

De logistiek kan niet meer om het Covid-19 virus heen. Transvenlo blijft bereikbaar voor al onze relaties, zowel per email als telefonisch (077-3961960).
De voorkeur gaat uit naar contact per email omdat wij verwachten op termijn meer thuiswerkers in te moeten zetten.

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All shipments from 1 euro up to 5 euro

Full truck load

Shipments get 100% attention

Freight Management

The processes in detail


Shipments from 6 euro up to 25 euro


Our different partners in Europa

Short sea en rail

Transport over water en rail

Together Everyone Achieves More

TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More, is highly appreciated within Transvenlo. Transvenlo prefers to say “in logistics we is key”. Since 1979 we strongly believe that cooperating with specialists gives the best results for all the involved companies and people. Whether we is about the relation between the client and Transvenlo, or about the relation between supplier and Transvenlo, what matters is that all involved parties know what they can expect from each other. Even within Transvenlo this saying holds, as it is also important for the cooperation between the different departments and even per individual.

A TEAM of specialised employees can be reached 24/7 by our clients and suppliers for support.


The news of   

Corona Update


Logistics can no longer ignore the Corona / Covid-19 virus. In the first place Transvenlo respects all local rules and restrictions imposed by the government per country.

Nieuwe website Transvenlo


Vandaag heeft Transvenlo een geheel nieuwe website gelanceerd. Zowel de techniek als het ontwerp zijn volledig herzien, met als speerpunt het gebruiksgemak op alle devices. De nieuwe website is tot stand gekomen in samenwerking met enVisual uit Venlo.


Horsterweg 221
5928 ND, Venlo
industrial zone 6037


Tel.: (+31) (0)77 396 19 60

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